About Us

The yod is the tenth and smallest letter of the Jewish alphabet, and it carries with it meanings of God and light and humility. In Hebrew, its meaning is related to the word "hand." In astrology it's called a "finger of God" and indicates great benefit, focused energy and an opportunity to remove blocks such as those to one's health. For some, the Yod represents a spiritual focus.

At Daily Yod, we believe in the importance of a daily focus on health, our highest priority under God, including physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual health -- for the health of ourselves, our loved ones, and our whole world.

To support optimal health in the best way possible, we offer only the best health and wellness products including health foods, vitamins, supplements, beauty products and more for you and those you love. These well-researched products covering a wide range of needs are gathered together for you in one place to save you time and money when shopping. Products include certified organic, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, earth-friendly, Kosher, Ayurvedic and other options to give you a complete and healthy selection to choose from.

And we welcome everyone around our table. Those who strive for optimum health. Those who would like to feed their families the best possible foods our world has to offer. Those who are struggling with poverty and could benefit from increased accessibility of healthier options. Those who can "vote with their dollars" and help to make a difference for everyone. Those with medical conditions or who are struggling with anxiety, depression, addiction or other forms of mental health issues, and everyone who strives to love one another and come together for good. Join around the table. Tell us your story. Enjoy some food with us.